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S830 eBike LCD Display Setup Explained

Just a quick and dirty video of how to program and setup your S830 eBike Display. I noticed that I did not explain P11 very well. P11 is a Pedal Assist (PAS) Sensitivity setting. 1-24. Thw higher the number, the more sensitive the PAS will be.

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1st Page Google : Hello Daniel... I start by saying THANK YOU for this video... I have a new ebike and had no way to understand the settings. But, how and why i found you was that i was truly hoping to find a way to have throttle only and never realized it was all right here in the settings to control the PAS and or throttle. THANK YOU!!! I will try to reset now and see if it really does work!
Cyril Fell : Hi Daniel, my Samebike LO26 500w which is 3months old from new, keeps cutting out even a very short cycle, I have been in touch with supplier they are dragging their heels on a remedy to the problem, I wonder do you have an idea as to why this is happening, A friend said it could be the charger not doing it's job, that said,does the green light stay on permanently when charging or is it red when charging, my green light is on all the time. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
rockstoneballs : Oh my god this video was so useful, thank you so much!
mike hinman : E 09 is controller error codes, has anyone had this error codes. And how did you resolve it.
Thanks Mike
mike hinman : Can any body help I'm looking for a list of error codes. I was riding up a step hill and the bike stopped with an error codes E 09.?
Luis Pavón : How do I fix E10 (10= Signal Recieving Error ) ?
J_REID_618 : Question, if I drive on number nine all the time, will that harm the motor? Because in a vehicle you cannot take off in 4th gear, it just doesn't work like that. So I was wondering if this motor would be affected in a similar way?because when I'm accelerating sometimes I hear what sounds like two metal plates rubbing. I'm kind of mechanically retarded so ....lol
Peter Taylor : Do you know how the Trip distance reset works? The only way I can find is to power off and on again, but then if you stop for a break on your journey and switch the bike off and back on how do you get your current trip distance back?
L. V. Gargiulo : Can you please explain P11 better?
BhevzieDC : Hi!
You're heaven sent!
I have this same panel control on my new Samebike Fatty!
Glad to found your video for settings that I might try to change in the future.
Thanks a lot!

By the way, I hope you don't mind, am gonna share the link of your video to our ebike group.
Thanks again!

Electric bike S830 display settings explained (use closed captions)

The S830 LCD display is very common in electric bikes. This video explains all the settings in practice. You can adjust several convenient settings with the help of this video. If you need to unlock the speed limit, change the P08 setting to 100.

If you want to get the maximum assist use these settings:
P08: 100, P09: 0, P11: 1, P12: 5

To make your bike legal in EU (excl. UK), use these settings
P08: 25, P09: 1, P10: 0,

The settings may not be the same in every bike. However, these are the most common ones

P01 Background luminance. 1 is the darkest, 3 is the brightest
P02 Unit of distance. 0 is KM, 1 is MILE
P03 System voltage 24V, 36V, 48V, 52v.
P04 Sleep time. 0 means the LCD screen will never go off for energy save mode, other numbers stand for the sleep time (1-60 min).
P05 PAS grades. First number sets the first start level ( 0 or 1)
P06 Wheel size. Unit: inch. Precision: 0.1
P07 Speed measuring magnet. Range: 1-100
P08 Speed limit. Range: 0-50 km/h, 100 means no limit
The limit set in Km,
P09 Zero start \u0026 Non-zero Start. 0 is Zero Start, 1 is Non-zero Start
P10 Driving mode. 0 is PAS only, 1 is Throttle only. 2 is PAS \u0026 Throttle.
P11 PAS sensitivity. Range: 1-24, 1 is the most sensitive.
P12 PAS start strength. Range: 0-5, 5 is strongest
P13 PAS magnet type. There are 3 types: 5, 8, and 12.
P14 The Current-limiting of Controller. The original Current is 12A. Range:1-20A
P15 Voltage cut-off, do not change
P16 ODO reset: Long press the upper key for 5 seconds and ODO will zero out.
Optional: P17 Power choice function from 250W-1000W.
Mysterious China Packets : Is closed captions enough or should it also have a voice over?

E BIKE TIPS: Turbo Charge your E Bike's performance, programming the LCD S830

E BIKE TIPS: Turbo Charge your E Bike's performance, programming the LCD S830

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SkyzTheLimit : My kit came stating it was for 700c or 29in. However the setting was set to 26. Did not know how to check for this until this video. So my speed was low a few mph and my distance travel inaccurate. Thanks a bunch. Now which particular kit is this? I'm going to check P7 setting for speed test range, which I have no idea what it is or does.
Lincoln Karim : Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it is much appreciated.
tony n : Is this screen also on samebike lo26
maxta mcpherson : Hi is it possible to have the PAS set to 2 for example but when i decide to use the throttle i get the full power of the motor as my throttle is dependent on the setting of the PAS. ie if its set at 2 then i get limited power from the throttle but if i set the PAS to 5 i get more power from the throttle which is irritating because if im going up a gradient and need a little more power than what the PAS is providing and press the throttle it stays at the same power unless i reach over and turn up the PAS?
DOCWHOK9 : How do you reset the Trip meter, without resetting the ODO ?
Rvi Cheeda : Hello bro i have Boush active line plus ebike . Its display is brokan it cost my 139€ plz tell me any cheep display speed meter that fit to my BC
Glenn Davis : TY for your video, very informative , I now get 31.6 mph on my ebikeling 1200 watt kit with pedal assist set at 5. I did have one question what does the p11 setting do exactly? Thank you again this was a big help, Glenn
riccardo michelin : Good video. I have download the pdf too.
One questions.......is possible setting the ampere ?
The Djjj : I was utterly confused about my settings until I watched vid. With a pause on every ‘P’ function I was able to fine tune and set my controls properly. Thanks a kajillion, million bro ! you da man
WANGBU ASBAG : Thanks a lot sir.. U are amazing ☺️. God bless




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